Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day.

The outside of my window looks like a snow globe- all swirling fat flakes and snow covered trees. It makes for a very lazy day. My dogs and husband are all napping, the cat has burrowed under the comforter in the spare room. I'm making coffee and basically just puttering around. Tonight's dinner is a crock pot of lentils, and mixed beans with mushrooms, cilantro, green onions, garlic and celery baking in a tequila bbq sauce with fresh lime juice. Yum.
I love moods like this. Where the weather doesn't make you want to go out but you don't feel oppressed by staying in. I tend to always need to be doing something so for me this is a rare mood. I can sit and catch up on other people's blogs and peruse various web sites and not feel like I am neglecting something be it housework ( which is done btw), the dogs, my husband, school work etc. I think tonight will be all about cuddling under a warm blanket watching movies to the glow of the fireplace- electric that is.

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