Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aug-Sept vegan Food Swap.

I have been so happy that I have decided to participate in the vegan food swap. It's so much fun getting packages from lovely senders all around Canada. Not to mention yummy treats. Most barely make it to the photo op before I devour it.
So since my computer is back up and running I can load pics of what I got for Aug.
My partner made me some curry kale chips which I used on salad and also some coco, coconut date balls which were so yummy! Thank you for the extra effort and thoughtfulness of baking for me! I also got a vega smoothie powder, and enchilada powder mix, chocolate, hemp hearts, coffee and tetley water infusions which I loved to take to work.

And Sept.
The small bottle is organic maple syrup!! YUMMO!
Thank you to my lovely partners for the treats! I hope they liked mine as much as I loved theirs.

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