Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's time for a revival.

I am in a crafty mood today.  I have been perusing some health stores and on-line sites looking for a new vegan lotion. The one I am using works just fine, but I find it doesn't do much in terms of skin brightening or tightening. So I began a search and it is so hard to find something that is vegan and all natural. Even such web sites as Etsy that offer "handmade" beauty items fall short. There are some that claim to be all natural and vegan yet the list of chemicals in their ingredients says that they purchase a plain base off a supplier and simply add their own label and scent. Which means anyone can craft a handmade skin care line but it isn't any better for you then basis drug store crap.

I think this means that I need to revive my cosmetic making skills. I had a company for years making soaps and lotions made from scratch. And I do mean scratch - not an SLS on the list or alcohol or paraben anything. My bases were made from water combined with solid vegetable oils that were heated to a liquid and then blended with perfection to the water until the right consistency was acquired. Anyone who makes food from scratch- say soups can attest to the benefits of doing something right all the way. Being able to control every ingredient that goes into your product instead of just slapping a label on it and saying it's "handmade".

I guess that is  my frustration and my rant today. I feel crafty and the drive to create is stirring in my brain.

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  1. YES YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM! And we need to get our businesses rolling!! ^_^ As soon as we have extra money, shopping spreee!!!