Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I stare out my window at the snow covered rooftops around me, the white snow glistening off the trees and covering the lawns and I am struck with a severe case of wanderlust. I don't want to be here right now. I want to be out there in the great wide yonder, wherever that happens to be. My bones are antsy for some movement yet there is nowhere to go. Except to work. On such a day as this- the thought of that is incredibly depressing. I want to be visiting an outdoor market in Prague, or learning to snowboard or hiking a snowy pathway.

Maybe I have watched Eat Pray Love one too many times, but like the antagonist I too have a box full of places I have been and places I wish/ long to see. I have no children, no mortgage nothing heavy to keep me rooted here, unless you count two dogs and a cat which I suppose being a responsible pet owner who actually makes a commitment to caring for these companions counts as something rooting me in one spot. But aside from that I wonder why am I still here? I guess money would be the initial answer to that one. Unlike Elizabeth Gilbert, I am not a writer so therefore will not get a large infusion of cash to fund a year abroad. God life sucks the second you start paying your own way.

I feel as though I need something to shake me awake. A real dose of culture shock. When I was younger I took an international TESOL course, but at the time the idea of going to Asia seemed overly culture shocking to me. I didn't think I could handle the humidity, the constant traffic of people, the poverty. Yet now that I am older I relish the idea of being submerged into something of that nature.

Instead I wait out the hours until I have to go to work.


  1. Omg I feel like this every day!!! As much as it sucks for money, it feels SO good to put working aside and live on your own time for a whilel, get something projects you wanted to start done even if they are personal,small, and don't bring you anywhere.

    Traveling, though, would be the ultimate satisfaction.

    Let's plan a trip, soon! Just keep savin' them extra pennys!

  2. It's so true about the doing little things just for you. I have so many scrap books or projects that I start and seem to end up falling by the wayside. I have a visual journal, a scrap-book cook book of all the recipies I see that I want to try, I used to make journals, and of course soap and perfume. Also with the running- to me it was all about being outside in fresh air to let my brain wander and take in nature. The idea of trying to get up at 6am to cram in a work out is just not the same.

    It sucks to worry about bills but at the same time it's nice to have that time to discover yourself. Enjoy reading a book or watching movies.

    I actaully bought a piggy bank- well it's a fish actually to save my tips in. lol. So pathetic.