Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hair affair.

Did I mention I have been a hair stylist for oh about 11 years? So when it comes to hair products I am the biggest hair junkie. Though I never realized just how many chemicals we wash into our waterways with each shampooing. The public is starting to become more away and are asking for chemical and cruelty free solutions to their beauty and the products are starting to reply.
Some of my favorite salon brands right now are...

Derm Organic. free of animal ingredients, sulfates, parabens ( which are carcinogenic preservatives), and dyes. Comes in shampoo, mask, and leave in treatment shine. It also contains the awesome argan oil which is otherwise known as Moroccan oil. Argan is a nut harvested in Morocco hence the name. Winners sells litres of this stuff for $19.99 which is about $10 cheaper than even supply outlets charge as well as salons.

ABBA: This line is a vegan version of Aveda. Aveda is all natural but not vegan; they use lanolin which is a sheep oil by-product and beeswax. Abba is sulfate, dye and animal free and smells amazing. They use natural essential oils in their products and you can get a litre of each shampoo or conditioner for about $25 at a Trade Secrets or if you know someone who is in the biz you can always go to Cosmopro where it is about $9 a bottle.

Here is an awesome web site that lists vegan and vegetarian eating places, travel places, forums, and has a comprehensive listing on animal ingredients that can be downloaded into a pocket version to carry with you.

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