Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Beaver

I love this all Canadian and affordable beauty company. All the products are hand made by a husband and wife team and so pure you can eat them! They began their company when they saw that their newborn son would swallow his bath bubbles. Yuck. Not only are they vegan but they also use as many local organic ingredients as possible, and are free of harmful chemicals such as: dyes, preservatives, petro-chemicals, mineral oil, stabilizers and sulfates. It doesn't get much cleaner then this.

Each bottle ranges around $11 for a full size lotion or body wash, right now they have a combo of cranberry wash and lotion for $12. They make body wash, scrubs, lotions, an entire winter and gardening  line and even toothpaste and lip balms. Check em' out they can be found at any health food store that carries beauty products ( at least in Ontario).

Right now I am loving their winter skin face cream. It comes in a glass jar and is so nice and thick and creamy. It took me a little bit to get used to the blend of essential oils such as cinnamon and fennel, but now I love the earthiness of it. I am also using their organic locally farmed cranberry lotion and body wash ( which are sold as a duo combo for the price of $12 for 250 ml I might add).


  1. Vegan Muse.
    I will have to check out Green Beaver. thank you for introducing it to me.

    Happy Seasonal holidays too.

  2. ohh awesome- my first comment..I do hope you like them.