Friday, December 10, 2010


Has anyone out there watched the documentary Earthlings? I'm sure many vegans out there have. I couldn't make it through the entire thing, it was so heart breaking. I hope everyone watches it- perhaps it'll make us as a society think about our actions.
They just came out with these and I want one.


  1. Firstly I wanted to say a heartfelt Thank you for becoming a follower. I am always humbled. Thank you.

    Secondly, Happy New Year to you.

    Thirdly, I have to say I had not heard of this doc. until I read your blog. Perhaps because its aimed primarily at people who live in Canada and America, than in the U.K. Anyway, should I see it around here, I will either rent it or pick it up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually it does have relevant issues pertaining to animal overpopulation ( strays) and how they are treated in middle eastern countries, and also how the leather industry gets it's cows from India. There is also a segment on whaling and dolphin killing in Asia. It is really hard to watch but I feel if everyone saw this our world perhaps would be a better place.
    But since I am from North America I am not sure about farming practices in the U.K. so with that I don't know how much would be relevant to where you live. I don't think Canada has much the same practices as the states as we have much more space for cattle etc. but again I am not totally sure we are much better.