Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Inspirations.

I am no stranger to blogs, having kept a livejournal for several years now, but I felt that I needed something new, a place where I can store and share my ideas on specific areas of life particularly being a vegan and the lifestyle that it encompasses. I wanted to meet people who share the same ideals as myself and that could inspire me to not give in to apathy, which I admit I have been prone to at times.

Recently, I just read the cutest book called the Vegan Girl's Guide to Life by: Melisser Elliot.

It is totally the cutest book on a lifestyle choice that I have read in a long time. My only complaint about such books is this: firstly I am Canadian and the majority of the companies mentioned are American. There are so many lovely and affordable vegan companies out there that get skipped over. So I want to mention them here in the event that I ever have fellow readers. Also I find that it is wonderful that there are vegan designers out there and I agree that they should be able to make a good living promoting something so wonderful. But having said that I sometimes think that some companies that charge so much for haute couture could scare away people considering a potential lifestyle change. It makes something seem unattainable for those that don't have $600 extra to spend on an animal free winter coat. To me it can reduce an ideal to something that is simply a trend. And I am not just talking about clothing. There are types of food that people buy into needing that are pricey and again it makes this particular lifestyle come across as being too pricey and therefore gives people the excuse they need to slough it off as simply some new fad.

Being a vegan doesn't need to be expensive nor do we all need to look like "hippy crunchy" types either.  So this is my rant and my inspiration. Bringing the best of my knowledge of bargain hunting, cooking, and my 10 years of experience in the cosmetology beauty industry to other penny pinching vegan's out there.

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