Sunday, January 2, 2011

Easy Peasey Hummus

I found this recipe in Chatelaine magazine. It requires nothing fancier then a potato masher and a fork to prepare. It also doesn't require any fancy measurements ( or any of the sort for that matter), I go by texture. it is meant to be a rougher texture of hummus instead of a smooth spread.

Take  1 can of chick peas drained and rinsed, add olive oil and mash roughly with a potato masher until desired texture is achieved. It is meant to be thick and chunky. I mash it with my masher then to make it smoother I use a fork to break it up further, I then add minced garlic, a splash of lemon juice and a small splash of sesame oil for a nutty undertone flavor. I serve it on oven baked bread - the thicker the better or scooped onto celery.

This recipe is not only easy but it is cheap as well. For slightly more then the price you pay for a store bought pre- made brand you can purchase the majority of the ingredients ( minus the bread) and have enough lemon juice, olive oil, sesame oil and garlic to use in a plethora of other recipes and you skip all of the un-natural preservatives used in processed foods. The only ingredient that is a stretch to the wallet is pure olive oil but it is worth the money. I pay around $7.99 for aprox. 600ml. Olive oil is a good source of Omega oils and it also raises your good cholesterol and lowers the bad.

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