Friday, January 7, 2011

Mainstream Vegan Beauty Products.

I was doing some research trying to find other companies that are out there and readily available for the gal that likes to get her stuff exclusively from a drug store or maybe a discount department store. So here I have found a list of cruelty and animal free beauty companies that are affordable and readily stocked at most drug stores,Walmarts, Zellers, Zehrs, Giant Tigers and surplus stores. Now that you have a list of alternatives perhaps it will make the trip down the beauty isle not so confusing.

~E.L.F ( eyes, lips, face): I always see gift sets of this make-up line being sold for around the $6 range for a package of 3-6 items, and I never knew it was vegan!

~Freeman Beauty. They are known for their individual travel face mask pouches- you know the ones with the avocado or strawberries on the picture. Their products come in large tubes and are sold in Shopper's Drug Marts and I have even found their shampoos at Dollarama. Now it doesn't get more budget friendly then that for the veganista.
~Hard Candy. Not all of their products are vegan, but if you go to their web site they have a listing of which items are specifically vegan. These products I have mostly found at Walmart.

~Physicians  Formula;  They have a wide range of cosmetics to choose from including eyeshadow pallets consisting of 17 colours specifically designed to highlight the colour of your eyes. They also have refillable compacts made from bamboo. The organic wear line is free of cosmetic chemicals, and nasty parabens and preservatives.

~Mitchum Deodorant

And for the salon brands opt for these companies:

~Abba- 100% vegan, free of sulfates and synthetic dyes.

~Derm Organic: 100% vegan, free of preservatives ( parabens) and dyes and sulfates

I hope that helps some of you out there make informed decisions without the guess work.

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